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A native to Dallas Texas, Cary Macey (Born 1968) discovered his passion for art at an early age while working for his family's art supply company. Cary states "I have so many fond memories exploring and developing my artistic skills alongside local artists. It was truly an immersive experience and one for which I'll be eternally grateful." 

After many years as a successful Realtor, it was by chance during the pandemic that his desire to paint again returned and the passion was rekindled. Paying tribute to the Modern Art Movement, highlighting cubism and different forms of abstraction; Cary looks to modernize artistic traditions often combining fragmented faces, geometric shapes and abstract elements in his process. The mediums he works in are acrylic, pigment sticks, pastels, pencils and charcoal. Classified as Contemporary, Cary's creative process is a glimpse into his emotions and personality.

Who is Cary?: Bio
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